Come Back! Recall Program - 6 week programme by Kelly Cordell-Morris
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Come Back! Recall Program - 6 week programme

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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How Dog's Learn
how dogs learn pt1.pdf
695 KB
how dogs learn pt2.pdf
359 KB
Clicker Training
Focus exercises.pdf
124 KB
What to use for training treats
treat recipes.pdf
135 KB
Reinforcer Evaluation
Reinforcer Evaluation.doc
80 KB
Distraction Evaluation
Distraction Evaluation.doc
84.5 KB
Equipment list.pdf
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Week 1
Deposits into your Recall Account
Conditioning the Recall Cues
Collar Grab
Auto Check-ins
Extending Zen
Zen Handout
89 KB
Building Value for Proximity to You
Sneaking in a Recall
Week 1 homework check list - print off and keep a record if you like
160 KB
Week 2
Play - Let 'em Win!
Hand Target
Hand Target Handout
88.1 KB
Cookies in the Corner
Follow the Leader
Hallway Recalls
Restrained Recalls
Week 3
Proximity Outside
Push Back and RUN!
Let's Go Handout
219 KB
Week 4
Recall Past the Food Bowl
Recall Past the Food Bowl Handout
223 KB
Whippet / Flirt Pole - Build Desire First
Tug Sit RUN
Tug Sit Run Handout
217 KB
Motivational Hand Targets
Hide and Seek
Week 5
Working Through Distractions
321 Game Handout
227 KB
Go See - Using the Premack Principle in Real Life
Go See - Using Premack Principle Handout
222 KB
Flirt Pole - Adding Some Control
Week 6
Cues in Arousal
Cues in Arousal Handout
222 KB
Squirrels AKA Recall off something exciting....
Recall from Squirrels Handout
105 KB
Flirt Pole - Advanced Work
Flirt Pole Games Handout
219 KB
Final Thoughts