Behave! - Canine Life Skills by Kelly Cordell-Morris
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Behave! - Canine Life Skills

Canine Life Skills
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Essential life skills to teach your dog 

What's included?

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Welcome to Life Skills
Week 1 - Orientation
How Dog's Learn
how dogs learn pt1.pdf
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how dogs learn pt2.pdf
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Clicker Training
What is Clicker Training oct13.pdf
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Practicing Clicker Timing Skills
Focus exercises.pdf
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What to use for training treats
Equipment list.pdf
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Week 2
Capturing Head Dip
Capturing Paw Lift
Targeting - Nose to Target
Targeting - Follow the Target
Sit - Shape Using a Target
Sit - Fade the Target and Introduce the Cue
Polite Walking - Connect the Dots
Recall Cue - Hand Touch
Conditioning the Recall Cue
Settle - Go to Mat
Go to mat.pdf
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Week 3
Build a Captured Behaviour into a New Behaviour
Cup or Box Game
Follow Target to Down Position
Polite Walking - connect the dots with mild distractions
Recall - Hand Touch with mild distractions
Recall - teaching a verbal recall cue
Breck condition recall verbal
Settle - Adding a cue
Week 4
Down - Add a Cue
Polite Walking - distractions on the path
Recall - adding distance
Settle - distractions, duration, release cue
Wait - introducing the concept at a boundary
Week 5
Down - Build Duration
Zen - extending to food on the floor
Name Game - distractions
Recall - distance and distractions
Sit - Build Duration
Sit - adding new environmental cues
Wait - adding distractions and environmental cues
Week 6
Down - Responding at a Distance
Name Game - increasing duration
Polite Walking - 3 steps reset
3 steps reset for polite walking handout
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